High tech development and operations service company

Handy Mann has gained experience in executing development and operation projects for numerous corporate and startup companies
in the area of medical device development as well as transition from development to products, including associated documentation,
component engineering and production setup.

Advanced mechanical design of medical devices (catheters, endoscopes), support equipment and measuring equipment presented
in this page has been performed by Plantek Ltd., Handy Mann Partner Company. 

Catheter grip with optical focusing
Catheter grip with optical focusing
 Servicing cart for brain surgery


Mechanical design

Large scale integrated racks                                             
• Communication
• Testers


Communication racks
Supported standards:

• cPCI
• Infiniband, with up to 684 ports
• ATCA with 4U to 8U racks, back cooling
Testing jigs and production assembly

Mechanical jigs for automated testing in production.
The company performs the design based on customer’s specification, 
whenever available, or it defines the tester and presents it for approval to the customer.


The design and manufacturing cycle:
• Testing concept definition and approval
• Schematic electrical and mechanical design
• Cost assessment and project duration evaluation
• Design review and kick off
• Jig detailed design and construction


the pictured design examples in this page were made by Plantek Engineering, a Handy Mann partner company

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