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Danny Mann, CEO
Handy Mann has been established in 2010 by Danny Mann, an experienced operations officer in numerous industries and fields, covering medical, semiconductors, communications, industrial equipment and others (LanOptics, Syneron, Coreflow, Tower Jazz).


Oded Hamburger
has over 20 years of experience in multi-disciplinary system research and development.
Recently he served as global VP R&D of Paradox (security systems) and VP R&D of Coreflow (capital equipment). Before that he led teams in Elbit Systems.

Oded has BsC in Aeuronatics Engineering from the Technion, and a second degree in business administration from the Israeli branch of NY Polytechnic Institute.


Yoram Klein
has a BsC in mechanical engineering from Beer Sheba university and an MBA from Haifa university.

Yoram has gain 33 years of experience in building up engineering organization, quality control systems and operations.

He has worked for security and medical companies in various positions as COO (Galil medical, ASI).


Avichai Zafrany
Mechanical Engineer with 12 years' Experience in R&D Development of products from sketch to scale.
Avichai design products in a various areas such as: medical industry, military, automotive and consumers.
8 years' experience in plastic design products considering all the supporting technologies.
Avichai has a BTech degree in mechanical engineer from Ort Brauda collage.


Michal Amon
Over 18 years of experience in Operations, Engineering, Configuration Control and NPI.
Good Know-How of budget control and marketing.

Michal has gained her experience within various startup companies in Israel and in the US, among others were Given Imaging, Baran Telecom & LanOptics.

Holds a BsC in Chemistry from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from Haifa University.


Roni Agbeli​
24 years' extensive experience in leading hi tech companies, mainly in Engineering, Configuration
Control, NPI and product transition from development to production of multi-disciplinary systems.

Roni held positions in the Digital Printing industry at Scitex and Creo and in the Data Storage field at M-Systems and SanDisk, as Integration Engineer, Product & NPI Engineer in the Engineering team and Product Leader in HW R&D team. He also functioned as Engineering Product Leader in the aesthetic medical industry at EndyMed.

Holds a Practical Engineer degree from Ort Yad-Leibowitz Netanya College.


What does the company do:
Handy Mann is a development, engineering and operation service company, targeting projects ranging from concept-to-prototype development and the way to production's operational aspects: component engineering, configuration management, cost and production flow support.

Main phases of activity

1.    Turning a conceptual idea into a functioning prototype. 
a.    Keywords: system engineering, design to meet relevant regulation/standards, design to cost, prototype design in terms of board design, software and mechanical design, prototype manufacturing, lab and field trials, regulation/standardization pre-testing.

2.    Engineering services to support the transition from development to production, termed NPI (New Product Introduction)
a.    Keywords: product tree, bill of material, schematic diagrams for boards and mechanical components, mechanical design rendering (Solidworks or similar), component engineering selected to meet cost and second-source availability, jig and testers' design and manufacturing, production procedures, test procedures.

3.    Production's operation
a.    Keywords: manufacturer selection, manufacturer setup and qualification, ECO management, purchasing.


Contact us
Address:  P.O.Box 102
                 Givat Ela 365700, Israel 
Phone:     +972-545-201077
email:       danny@dmann.com
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