High tech development and operations service company
Who we are?

Handy Mann is a development, engineering and operation service company, targeting projects ranging from concept-to-prototype development and the way to production's operational aspects: component engineering, configuration management, cost and production flow support.

Leveraging on our experienced industry veterans, we target companies that rely on outsourcing due to unavailability of internal qualified human resources to perform certain projects. 

The team we present for the project consists of experienced professionals available as internal resources and of partnered companies which specialize in a certain aspect of the project, whether it is software, mechanical, electrical design, or operation service such as ERP and BI.

System engineering and project management    
Specification of project, reviews, cost to performance analysis, leading and managing

Prototype development    
Designing and building a prototype to meet the specifications. This includes board design, mechanical parts, motion elements, 
software development and programmable devices' design

Operation and production services     
Development to production transition (NPI), engineering suite, production setup, ECO management

Advanced mechanical design    
Conceptual and detailed design, first article inspection, production file preparations

Software design    
Software system engineering, structured design methodology, coding and integration. UI and UX

ERP and Business Information (BI) services    
Operation and production planning, ERP software adaptation (Priority™ and Qlikview™)


  • For startup operations, which face the burden and high-cost of hiring experienced designers and operation personnel,
    we offer project management and system engineering, prototype design and construction, up to and including sample
    and 1st production batch delivery.
  • For mature companies, having assigned their leading resources to their core activities, we provide a system and operations professionals who can lead and implement projects within a minimal well- defined interface to the hiring company.
  • We further offer operation management, covering transition from development to production: configuration management, component engineering, cost analysis, manufacturer selection and auditing, and full turn production. As part of operation support infrastructure, Handy Mann designs test equipment and manufacturing jigs which comprise an important part in
    yield increase and cost reduction in mass production.
  • We provide ERP and BI services by a team of experienced system, UI and UX and programming personnel


Contact us
Address:  P.O.Box 102
                 Givat Ela 365700, Israel 
Phone:     +972-545-201077
email:       danny@dmann.com
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